Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wild Day

This has been a wild day. I spent a couple of hours with my sister this morning while my brother-in-law went to eat breakfast with some of his friends. Poor guy! He's got to get away some time. I enjoyed the visit with my sister. She seems to be doing a little better. But she's still not getting on her feet except to go to the bathroom. She says it hurts. Of course, it's going to hurt. Everyone who has broken a hip says that. But you have to do it or the healing will never be complete. She will not walk again if she doesn't make the effort. The danger of blood clots remains as long as she sits most of the day.

When I got home I began working on the symposium business again. I stopped after lunch and painted the woodwork in the kitchen and the back door. It looks so much better now!

Then I went back to work on trying to recruit moderators for the symposium. I got four right away and three rejections. But I'll continue sending out e-mails to recruit help.

Then I went to the market and bought a few groceries. Since I had been so busy today, I just bought a skillet supper to have a quick dinner. Those are great emergency meals.

Slinky has spent the day outside. It was 50 degrees out there. He just started barking to come back in so I let him in. It is getting colder outside now. In fact, the furnace is running now for the first time today.

Bob has been building a new door for his shed. The old one is so heavy that he can't keep it level. We have adjusted it several times each summer. Maybe a lighter door will be more stable.

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