Monday, February 23, 2009

Sage Comes

About 9:30 this morning, we will go out to our daughter's home and pick up our great granddaughter, Sage. She lives in Manhattan, Kansas with her mom and grandparents but comes about once a month to visit her father, our grandson, who pays child support.

We will keep her today and her father will come for dinner this evening. Then early tomorrow morning, we will take her back to Manhattan to her mother. It may be a little stressful for all of us since she is badly spoiled by her mother. She is being raised vegetarian and does not eat well at all. She is in the habit of eating a lot of candy, something we will not buy.

She used to be fairly easy to be around but lately, at five and a half, has begun acting silly to get attention. She has been in pre-school but her mother has taken her out, quit her job, and is just staying at home with her and doing nothing about getting her in kindergarten, where she really needs to be. She needs socializing in the worst way.

It will be an interesting day, I am sure.

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