Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Quiet Day

I have spent several hours working on the symposium. I think I have gone about as far as I can until we actually get there in April. I did learn that the seminary has cut back on their administrative support and their full time secretary has been laid off. So I don't know what that will mean for the symposium.

This morning I went over to my sister's at 6:45 and stayed awhile so my brother-in-law could go have breakfast with his group of friends. He got back a little after nine since I told him to go vote in the primary before he came home.

My cold...or whatever it is, is loosening up now. I have nothing but a raspy cough. My nose seldom runs and my sore throat seems to be gone. I took some Benadril the last two nights so I could sleep. I have slept like a log. This afternoon, I did something I very seldom do, I took a nap. I am very spoiled. It's been three years or so since I've had any health problems.

Bob has gone to a Red Cross retreat this afternoon so I have had the house to myself. I am reading Dom Crossan's book, "In Search of Paul". So far it's pretty boring. Maybe it will pick up later. Right now he's bogged down in the culture of the Roman Empire.

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Beth said...

So glad you're feeling better, Margie. And you made a good move in taking the nap---sometimes that is exactly what our bodies need to heal themselves.