Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Scrapbooking Day

Today I will scrapbook. I have the photos now to finish Leslie's "new home" scrapbook and will get them in the book and present the book to her Monday night when we go there for a hamburger cookout.

I have nothing else on the agenda today. The doctor yesterday said the eye weeping was caused from a contact that had a small tear in it and irritated the eye. I threw that one away on Sunday. I will have to order some more for that eye. That was the last one. Since then, the eye has not wept. At least now I know for sure what was wrong with it. It had been weeping for a couple of months...just every once in awhile. But it was a mystery.

I had encountered Bill Main at the Restoration Studies Symposium and he had lost an eye to cancer. I asked him what the symptoms were and he said the eye wept constantly. That's why I had mine checked out.

Bob and I had fish and chips at Garfield's last evening after my doctor's appointment. They were really good!

We went to bed about 9:30. We were both very tired. I had had a big day.

Slinky slept in the house last night. It was cold and wet and he wanted to come in. Missy went out at 11:30 and slept in the chair on the patio all night. Animals! They're like raising children again.

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