Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy Sunday

As usual, Sunday was busy. We went to church and then afterward to Sirloin Stockade with John and Leslie to have my free birthday buffet. My birthday isn't until Wednesday but Bob wanted to eat with John and Leslie so we did. The food was usually is better during the Sunday buffets because the church crowd is there, I guess.

We came home and I got my letters ready to go out. I had only two to write this week since we had a pretty good crowd in attendance for the Hanging of the Greens. The church looked lovely and the service was nice. There was lots of scripture and song. Unfortunately, our best voices were absent so the singing was a little thin.

We went to Living the Questions at Bobby and Karan's last night. When we got home at 9:00 I went straight to bed exhausted, as usual. They are holding these too close together in y opinion. Twice a month is plenty in my opinion but they are planning them nearly every Sunday evening. We may have to get to the place where we only attend part of them.

I had e-mail from Keith yesterday. He sent the photos he took on Thanksgiving Day. The one above is of our family. I also heard from Scott. He stayed at Becky's until late Sunday. She will be going to Los Vegas this next weekend and he plans to come home.

I will call Windsor Place Catering today and see if they can cater our holiday dinner at church. We may be too late to get it scheduled. That would be such a great relief..not to have to do all that cooking again.

We will also go to Bartlesville today to let Dr. Holland look at Bob's incision and do post op. They said the biopsy showed three sides clear of any cancer but the fourth side was questionable. I hope they don't have to cut it open again. It is healed now.

This afternoon, I will make Chunky Turkey Vegetable Soup for supper. Then I will freeze any leftover turkey. Ah, it was a good holiday. It was good good to have all our kids together again. The only bad thing about it was the loss of Keith's car. We will attempt to sell it on Open Line. If someone knows how to put a motor in it, they can have a very nice 2002 Dodge Intrepid car for $500.

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