Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Beautiful Tuesday

It's a beautiful Tuesday today. I went to my sister's home to sit with her while my brother-in-law went to breakfast with his friends. We had a good visit although she continues to repeat nearly everything she tells me each week. I believe her disease is getting worse.

Afterward, I went to the bank to make a deposit. I called in on "Open Line 69" yesterday morning and was the very first caller. I advertised Keith's car and had no immediate response but later on that morning a man from Independence called and wanted to see the car. He came down and took it for a drive and gave me a deposit for it. Later that day, he called again and wanted to know if he could have it if he finished paying for it. I said, "Of course". So he and his wife came down and paid for it and now we are waiting for the title to come from Keith. I deposited our part of the money this morning and bought a money order for Keith. That is a done deal as soon as we get his title.

Later that morning Bob and I went to vote on the sales tax issue and then went to the market to get some ground beef. He wants meat loaf for dinner tonight.

He has gone to take slinky for a walk right now.

I just read on CNN that the president is planning to be out of Afghanistan in three years. Three years!! By then we will very likely be bankrupt. The war has cost us $937 billion dollars to date. Everyone in America could have had free health care for that money.


Betty said...

But, he's planning to START getting out in 18 months. He just thinks it will take three years to accomplish the whole thing. At least he has an exit strategy. That's more than Bush ever came up with.

Margie's Musings said...

Absolutely! And I agree, Betty. No war should ever be entered into with such flimsy evidence and especially one where no one knows who the enemy really is.

Not one 9/11 terrorist came from either Iraq or Afghanistan.