Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nasty Rainy Day

Today is another rainy day and Bob has gone to Tulsa for his Red Cross class. He will go tomorrow too. I went to my sister's this morning after fixing Bob's breakfast and spent an hour or so.

Then I came on back home because I didn't know whether Bob had left Slinky barricaded in the kitchen or not. As it turned out, he had put him out on the patio. It's forty degrees out there so I guess he's all right. He barked awhile ago wanting in but I ignored him. I am cleaning house today...getting ready for Keith to come sometime tomorrow...probably evening.

I'm getting my hair done in the morning and then picking up Juanita (if she's up to it) and we will go to Joplin to Christmas shop. Then we'll eat at Olive Garden and then come on home. She wears out easily at 88. Hopefully, I will be home before Keith gets here. I will leave a door open..just in case.

I will put a roast on for Bob's dinner tonight. Leslie gave me a small one...just the right size. We will have carrots and sweet potato with the roast....and gravy, of course. With applesauce that should be plenty. Neither Bob nor I eat much anymore.

I went the market and bought a few groceries. I am trying to hold off on the big stuff until I need to buy my groceries for Thanksgiving. I will fix sweet potatoes then too. Also, I will fix green bean casserole and some pies. Leslie will take care of the bird and the bread and of course, she is hosting us. There should be only eight of us this year.

Keith just called. His company got the Afghanistan contract but the problem was that they had had a cap put on salaries. They could only pay $145,000 per year instead of the $200,000 he was pitched. After paying 28% tax on that, he would have just made a little over $104,000. So he turned them down. He can make that here in America without taking his life in his hands. I am happy he decided against that. I was afraid he would be killed or maimed over there anyhow.

He is on his way here now for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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