Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Another Cold Blustery Day

It's another cold blustery day here in Kansas. So far as I know it did not snow last night but it's very cold out. I believe it's 17 degrees. I will go to Independence this morning to get my hair done but I don't know whether I will go back up at noon for IMA or not. Bob no longer has his truck so I would have to come home to get him and it's very cold to get him out in the weather. We may just have to skip it this time and hope for a warmer day next month.

Juanita may call and cancel breakfast too. She does not need to get out in this weather either. She is 88 and about as fragile as Bob. She usually calls about 7:00 if she cancels.

If we stay home, I will do some cleaning and then also go to the market. If we go, we will also go to the market up in Independence. We will have to put Slinky in the garage. It is way too cold for him outside. The hot water tank is in a corner of the garage and it is fairly warm in there where it is located. We put his nice clean rugs in there on a piece of carpet and he can stay fairly comfortable while we are gone. Bob can't get him to go out there but he went out there Tuesday while we went to Bartlesville to Bob's doctor appointment but it was I who had to get him to go out there. He didn't like it but he minded me.

The animals had me up three times last night. About midnight Slinky had to go out and so I got up and let him out. Then about 3:00 he needed to go again. (old dogs are not much different whether they're human or other animals.) Missy got me up at 4:00 so I put her outside. I am trying to teach her that if she wakes me up, she will go out in the cold. Then Slinky decided he wanted breakfast at 4:00 AM. I got back up and came into the kitchen and bawled him out. I didn't hear another peep out of him until usual rising time. Animals! I never wanted any. Leslie gave me Missy as a very small kitten...then I got attached to her. Then Scott got Slinky in the divorce and when he moved to Missouri, we got Slinky. He has no fenced yard and animals are not allowed in his apartment. So guess who got his high maintenance dog? That's right! Me. I say "me" because the only thing Bob does for him is take him for a walk and he has to be harassed into doing that.


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