Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Busy Tuesday

This may be a busy day. I will go to my sister's to stay as usual. Then I told my daughter that I would check on some cd rates at various banks for her. A member of our church left the church $5,000 in his will and that money came last week. We want to put it in a cd if we can find one that pays anything at all. I have my tiny nest egg in an IRA at 3.1%. I will check with my bank first since that's where we have the church's checking account. But then I will try several others too.

Last night, after our company left, I went over to Phyllis F.'s home and tried to install that AVG 9.0 from the cd they had sent her. Her drive would not recognize it so I contacted the company for a refund for her and started downloading Avast! for virus protection. She has a dial up so it took over four hours. Then she called me back because she wasn't sure that it completed the download and she wasn't sure how to install it. I went back over for another hour and a half and we got it done and registered. Then it ran over her drive and found 54 spyware, worms and trojan horses. It deleted all of them and we rebooted her computer. It seems to be running just fine now and she has protection. I have used Avast! for some time and it seems to be a good free program.


Late yesterday afternoon the doorbell rang and the florist delivered a huge poinsettia from Phyllis F. Wasn't that sweet of her? It had a note on it about how much she appreciated my help..

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