Sunday, December 13, 2009

Very Busy Sunday

This will be an even busier Sunday then I thought. I don't have to fix the Holiday dinner at church but I am speaking. I had a queasy stomach all day yesterday from the beans we ate the night before. Sometimes beans just don't agree with me.

Then I volunteered to have the Living the Questions group so we could watch "Peter and Paul" on PBS tonight and have a surprise birthday card party for Judy. Richard and Mona live in the country and cannot get PBS. Mona was going to bake the cake but she was so stressed out that I volunteered to do that too. When I awoke this morning and logged online, she had taken me up on my offer and will not be coming with the child.

There's a possibility that Jack may come if the child will not be here. The last time we met at Bobby's and Karan's home, the child was sick with an earache but they brought him anyhow. He whined all evening. Jack has just been released from the hospital with pneumonia and has a serious lung disease and does not need to get sick...especially under those circumstances.

I didn't get much cleaning done yesterday either since we ended up going to Bartlesville so I could finish our Christmas shopping. Then last evening, I wrapped everything and worked on the Christmas cards. I got them pretty much finished.

So, now this afternoon, after we get back home from the dinner, I will need to run by the market to get the cake mix and get the cake in the oven. While that is baking I will do some cleaning in the bathrooms and pick up the house and run the duster. We don't need to vacuum. We did that a couple of days ago.

I hope it's nice enough that Slinky can be outside. I would rather he was not in the kitchen this evening.

So it should be a huge day.


So far so good. The dinner was very good although we lacked six having our dinner paid for. Some who said they would be there didn't make it after all. The congregation will pick up the bill for them.

The cake is now out of the oven and I am waiting for it to cool so I can ice it. It's three thirty and I am ahead of schedule. I have run the duster and still have to clean the bathrooms. The house is neat right now.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Margie. I hope you get it all done and get through the day and everything goes well for you. It is pretty warm here today for a change. In the 40s and almost 60 tomorrow after wind chills in the single digits. Hope Slinky can go outside for you. You are the busiest person I know!

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Lady. I try to scale down my activity but things just pile up. I'll bet every one is this busy; they just see it in others.

Thanks for reading my blog.

pat m said...

This old lady just spent the afternoon with her 3 year old granddaughter. I'm worn out! I just want to go to bed!

Margie's Musings said...
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Margie's Musings said...

I made it through the day and we were up until 10:30 cleaning up after the Living the Questions group. I have nothing going on today except lunch with Tony and Gay here.