Sunday, January 31, 2010

Canceled Services

Well, we had to cancel our services today. The parking lot out there in the country was full of snow. The streets in town were clear so we went to a Methodist Church with some friends.

The service was good and the fellowship was really good. We knew a lot of them. Six of them are in our "Living the Questions" group.

After church, the couple we knew the best, Bob and Karan,(they attend our church services too following their early services each Sunday cause she's a member at ours) invited us home with them for chili. It hit the spot. We stayed and visited awhile and then came on home so both Bobs could take a nap.

I worked on my letters and then wrote the sermon for the 14th. I stayed busy all afternoon.

Bob had a brainstorm this afternoon. He said his hand and arm swelled up following his H1N1 shot. We looked on the internet and that is one of the complications of that shot. But that's been a couple of months ago. I e-mailed our doctor to see what she thought. It seems an awfully long time for it to be swelled if that is the case. We see the surgeon on Tuesday so we'll see what he says. In the meantime, Bob has been using a vibrator on the arm. He also spreads zinc oxide ointment on it. Someone suggested to him that it might have some therapeutic value. It sure can't hurt.

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