Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pancake Day Saturday

This was Kiwanis Pancake Day. Bob and I had bought tickets. He got up this morning and began to think about going to church. I had to remind him it was Saturday and he had those tickets. He got dressed and I helped him put his compression sleeve on and we went up to the First Baptist Church where it was held. We got there about eight o'clock. We were the first ones there. After awhile others we knew started trinkling in. Jack and Marilyn and Barbara soon came in and sat with us. We had a nice visit.

We came home and let Slinky back in the kitchen. He had spent an hour or so in the garage. He was real good about going in there this time though. I just called "come" and he came. I took his bed and water dish in there too and he immediately lay down on the cushion.

Later, if it warms up so Slinky can go outside, we will go to Bartlesville. I am to make my peanut clusters for the Chocolate Fantasy next Friday and I have not been able to find any raw peanuts in town or in Independence. Bartlesville may have them. If not, there will not be any.

If we go to Bartlesville we will eat at Garfield's while we are there. I will get fish and chips since I like their fish and chips. Bob will get their raspberry walnut salad and share my fish. That works for us.

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