Monday, March 1, 2010

An Eventful Morning

This has been an eventful morning. I was cleaning a late start and then As I had mentioned, Bob decided yesterday evening to tighten up the connection for our shut off valve for the stool in the bathroom. Scott, with advice from my brother-in-law, Bob, installed new insides to the tank Saturday. Bob began to turn and the handle came off and water began to shoot everywhere. The walls were wet and the floor was soaked. I ran in and dammed up the doorway so it wouldn't get in on the bedroom carpet. He ran out and turned off the water at the curb. I spent the next half hour mopping down the walls and the floor in there. At bedtime, I put a fan on the carpet where it got a little wet. That was yesterday.

He got it tightened up alright and then today he decided to put a new flexible line on it and a new handle. He began to try to loosen it and the water started shooting out again. The entire handle had broken. Back to the curb he went and I got my towels out again and started mopping. We called a plumber this time. The plumber came right away and got everything installed and tightened down but then after he left we noticed it's still seeping around the wall. So he will be coming back after awhile when he can work us in. $$$$$


Balisha said...

Oh, Margie...what a mess you had there. Hopefully the plumber will not be too expensive. Rest up this afternoon.

Margie's Musings said...

I hope not but I fear he will be.