Monday, March 22, 2010

Healthcare Bill

Well, they did it. The house passed the health care bill and the reconciliation as well. It was a tough fight but it may have saved Obama's presidency. At least he has one thing to brag about now at the next national election. I fear for the Democrats though. After this fight and all the misleading and actual false information spread by the Republicans, they may lose lots of seats in the mid term elections. I went to and checked out all the false information each time another line was invented and learned that almost all the information started by the Republicans was just pure fiction. Unfortunately the bulk of the American people don't check anything out. They just listen to the loudest voices. And, of course, the loudest voices are the fearful Republicans.

Here are the changes to take effect immediately. Does anyone here want to advocate for repeal? Which ones would you like to repeal?

* Prohibit pre-existing condition exclusions for children in all new plans;
* Provide immediate access to insurance for uninsured Americans who are uninsured because of a pre-existing condition through a temporary high-risk pool;
* Prohibit dropping people from coverage when they get sick in all individual plans;
* Lower seniors prescription drug prices by beginning to close the donut hole;
* Offer tax credits to small businesses to purchase coverage;
* Eliminate lifetime limits and restrictive annual limits on benefits in all plans;
* Require plans to cover an enrollee's dependent children until age 26;
* Require new plans to cover preventive services and immunizations without cost-sharing;
* Ensure consumers have access to an effective internal and external appeals process to appeal new insurance plan decisions;
* Require premium rebates to enrollees from insurers with high administrative expenditures and require public disclosure of the percent of premiums applied to overhead costs.

The low income Americans will get subsidies to help them pay for the insurance. The rest will find affordable health insurance just like they do with their car shopping around. This should make the industry more competitive. And the industry will have another 30 million customers. They should be delighted.

They will have many customers like me...folks who never need health insurance but who pay for it anyhow. They should offset those who are ill and really need it.

One of the best things that came out of this vote was that it closed the donut hole for prescription drugs. I have a dear friend who lives on less then $1,000 a month, who has macular degeneration and glaucoma. She spends $400. a month on eye drops. Before the unfunded prescription drug bill was introduced, she spent $200 a month on the same drops. Every October, she went into the donut hole and had to pay the entire $400 a month out of her pocket until she met their limit....on top of that, she still paid the premium. She is 88 years old and struggles.

This will help her.


Sansego said...

I'm not worried about Obama's presidency. The pundits just like to spin things to have stuff to talk about. After all, there is no high profile Republican that can win in 2012. The surest bet is on Scott Brown to become president in 2016, as he's definitely being groomed to become the next president. Whoever the GOP selects in 2012 will be the "fall guy"...the "sacrificial lamb" (a la Bob Dole in 1996).

I'm not too worried about the mid-terms. With health care reform out of the way, the teabaggers will move on to other nonsense issues while Obama focuses on jobs and getting the economy back on track.

Obama is a big picture guy and pundits are obsessed with minutiae. The Republicans have nothing to really offer the American people and the Democrats have just showed that they have the courage of their convictions. If they make the case to the American people that they are competent at governing, I just don't see Americans wanting to trust the Republicans again. We are still cleaning up their mess, so it would be stupid of Americans to vote them back into control of Congress when they've shown since 1994 that they are only interested in investigating petty scandals and non-scandals, rather than improving government and the lives of Americans.

This vote reminded me why I'm such a loyal Democrat. It was a proud and happy moment. I think most Americans realize that this is a win for them against the insurance companies.

Margie's Musings said...

I'm not so sure of that. Insurance Company stocks all went way up yesterday.