Sunday, March 21, 2010

Snowy Sunday

It snowed all day yesterday and we have about 6 - 8 inches here. We had to call off church since we're in the country and we would get stuck in our parking lot. We have no way to clear it.

I have been doing maintenance on my laptop computer. I will do the desktop after awhile. This is a good time to do these chores.

Yesterday I did some cleaning although it didn't do a lot of good. Slinky was in the kitchen/utility area all day and was very unhappy about the snow. He woke me up twice last night to get out to do his duty. Then Missy the cat also woke me. She thought she wanted out but after I opened the door she decided not. However, once they wake me up, they go out whether they want to or not.

This morning I downloaded the new version of Firefox browser. It has a reminder with it. You put your events into it and it reminds you every time you open the Firefox browser. Pretty neat!

Bob wants to go up to Sirloin Stockade for lunch. He even went out and cleared a path in the drive to get the car out. It's our only form of recreation so we may do it.

Tonight we will stay in and watch Sixty Minutes. Next Sunday we are to have the Living the Questions group here. I hope it doesn't snow again. After all, it's supposed to be spring. Some spring!!

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