Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busy Tuesday

It's already been a busy day and it's only noon. Bob has done the trimming and I will mow this afternoon. I cleaned house this morning after I returned from my sister's house.

My peonies have not bloomed yet. It has been a little chilly for them. But they are ready to bursts out as soon as it warms up a bit. The clematis is in bloom and the hanging baskets are lovely. I do need to get some geraniums and asparagus plants for my front flowerbed by the side of the garage door. I may get those this afternoon.

Judy called this morning. A few of our Living the Questions group met last night for a going away party for Gretchen and decided they would rather meet on Sunday evening after all. We had previously decided to meet on Monday evenings. I told them that was fine with us. We possibly will not be able to meet with them for awhile anyhow. We will know more as soon as my brother-in-law gets the results of his tests and gets his surgery scheduled and my Bob finds out what he is dealing with too. I may have my hands full with care giving.

More later:

Well, I got the house cleaned and the yard mowed. Bob trimmed for me. Everything looks nice. Then we went to the nursery and I bought some small geraniums and some asparagus for my pots. Bob bought some tomatoes. We got everything planted and now if I can just keep it all watered. If the peonies ever bloom, I will post photos of them. It is in the 40's this morning so it may be awhile before tat happens.

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