Sunday, June 13, 2010

Busy Sunday

I went to church this morning and presided. Our Mission Center President, Charles Davenport, preached and did a great job. There was a pretty good crowd and we had a salad luncheon afterward and lots of great fellowship.

When I got home, I wrote my letters to those who did not attend and sent them a bulletin.

Next Sunday is Father's Day and Sue Rowden will preside and Leslie will speak. Afterward we will go out to Leslie's for a Father's Day cookout. There will be fishing available for those who want to fish. And there will be homemade ice cream. I love homemade ice cream.

Tonight is Living the Questions group at Keith and Joyce's home. I will go.

Tomorrow I will clean John and Leslie's home. Later that evening, at 5:00 I will meet a couple at the church to show them the church. They would like to be married at our church.

Tuesday I will go to Bob and Phyllis's and sit with Phyllis while Bob goes to breakfast with his friends. At noon, I will meet Melissa for lunch.

Wednesday's Family Night will be held at John and Leslie's home. It will be a sharing and prayer meeting.

I think I am free Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Busy, busy, busy.


rlkris said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Margie, Yes, it sounds like you have several busy days ahead. It is probably a good thing right now. I love any kind of ice cream but homemade is wonderful. Eat an extra bowl for me! I hope you have a good week. Love and hugs.

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Judy. I will do just that.