Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back Home on Sunday

We had a wonderful weekend. We left on Friday morning for Branson. Met with Sheri at Joplin at the Cracker Barrel. We did some light shopping and then ate lunch there by sharing the lunch. That was the way to go. None of us overate that way. Then we loaded our luggage into Sheri's truck. Sheri drove us to Branson and Leslie's timeshare.

That afternoon we shopped at one of the discount malls. I bought some PJ's and some underwear which I badly needed. The others bought clothing and Christmas gifts. That evening we went to Outback Steakhouse where we once again shared our meal.

That evening we stayed at the timeshare and watched HBO movies.

Saturday morning we went to the usual breakfast restaurant (the one that looks like the 50s) for our breakfast. There was an entertainer there who did an imitation of several famous country singers. We tried to get him to do Barbara Mandrell but he said he would have to think about that.

Afterward we went to the other discount mall where I bought a sale sweater. I could use the sweater because it was pretty chilly at that time. We ate at Branson Landing at the Mexican restaurant and once again we split our food. That afternoon, I broke down and bought a second sweater. Then I finished my limited Christmas shopping.

That afternoon we shopped at Branson Landing. And, once again, we watched TV and rested. We ate brunch the next morning at Montana Mike's. Then we came back to Joplin and picked up Karan's car and came home. Bob Avery fed my pets while I was gone.

The top photo is me when we packed to leave. What about that T-shirt photo? Karan has a wicked sense of humor. The third one is that entertainer with me and the last ones are Karan and Sheri and Leslie and me.

By the way, I have no idea what the repair on my furnace will be. I don't have the bill yet.

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