Thursday, October 28, 2010

Goodbye Thursday

Scott left at 4:00 AM and I got up with him and fixed him a good breakfast before he left. He will drive to a location south of Atlanta to meet up with Becky and then they will drive on to Savannah tomorrow to see Ashley.

She did not get enrolled in her last class so she has lost her G.I. bill rent money. If she doesn't go to college full time the army does not pay the rent. She has a part time job but that does not pay the rent. I don't know what she will do now. She had a hard time finding that part time job. She should have got completely enrolled as soon as enrollment opened. She has an internship in surgery but she needs scrubs and she doesn't have the money for them. Scott can't help her. He's already making her car payment and her mother is paying for her car insurance. He leaves for Germany on the 9th.

I leave in the morning for Branson for the weekend. Bob A. will feed my animals while we are gone.

Keith seems happy. He has a new girlfriend. They are doing things together and that makes him happy. I am delighted he is happy to have someone to share things with. I only hope he doesn't rush into another relationship or marriage.

Leslie is the really staple one. She has been married over 35 years to the same man and she always seems to have her life together.

This computer crashed twice yesterday, I hope Keith can fix it when he comes. One of these days it may not reboot. I ran diskchek again yesterday.

Now my furnace is not lighting and I have called in a repair man. I was assured it would be 3:30 before they would get to me and while I went to visit Phyllis at the nursing home, they came. Now it will be 3:30 again. Oh well!

He came about noon and it was only a loose wire. So I lucked out.


ChuckFu said...

Mom Take a DEEP Breath, easier said then done I know first hand

Margie's Musings said...

It worked out fine. It was just a loose wire.

ChuckFu said...

Good, going to Esther's tonite, shes fixing supper