Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Evening

This has been a big day. In fact, it's been a big weekend. Leslie and I really enjoyed the symposium. We got there at suppertime Friday evening and ate at Applebee's. After that, we went to the symposium and Leslie got registered. The theme of the symposium was "A Women's Place". It explored all the problems women had had in our world just getting some equality.

Gail Mengel spoke Friday evening and gave the Wallace B. Smith Lecture. She did a wonderful job expanding on the theme. Afterward there was a reception. Saturday morning began with a plenary panel discussion on "Herstories in the Church". Herstories are women's histories. Then I heard a paper on "A Christological Case for GLBT Ordination in the Church".

Next was a second concurrent session called "Where All the Women were Strong." about pioneer women and their struggles.

The second plenary session was called "Homemaking Radicalism and Homemaking Realities" and featured four different stories about the different approaches to homemaking.

Then in the afternoon, I attended a concurrent session called "Getting Educated: How Attending a Church University (or not) Shapes Women's Experiences". Four women shared their experience as women in university.

The next concurrent session was entitled "The Church: From Exclusivity to Inclusivness." Several college students shared their present day experiences.

The wind up plenary session was "Initially Rejected: Pioneers Reflect on the Early Struggle for Women's Ordination in the Church."

The papers were mainly all really good. The fellowship was great!

We got home about 10:45 this afternoon and I made it to church at 11:00. After a good service, we went to eat out together at Hong Kong Delight. Bob A., Phyllis F. and me.

Then I came home and did my letters, met the roofer and went over his schedule and then at 7:00 Jack and Marilyn picked me up for Living the Questions group tonight.

They brought me Easter tulips. Wasn't that wonderful!


Balisha said...

Your symposium sounds very interesting. So glad you had a good time...but what a hectic schedule. Balisha

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, it was but I simply love those things. They stimulate me intellectually.