Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday With No Work

Another day with nothing to do at work. I worked perhaps ten minutes and sat and looked at the wall the other two hours and 50 minutes.

I hate it when there's nothing to do. I'm no good at all at just sitting and doing nothing.

I did find out that I can take the week of July 11th off for camp. That will be a welcome relief. I am to co-teach a class. Madaleen has done all the printing for it so all I have to do is team teach with her. I am so looking forward to that week. I will have to hang on to the money for registration.

I am going to Independence today to have lunch with Leslie. If she doesn't get called out, that is. I will leave at 11:30. She gets off at 12:00. It has been a couple of months at least since I've been able to do that.

After Leslie and I had lunch, I went to Wal Mart up in Independence. They have a superstore with a lot more goods then we have here.

I have let Slinky into the kitchen. He is so hot. It is 89 degrees here now but feels like 100 degrees.

More later...

I watched one of my all times favorite movies on TV this afternoon on Turner Classic Movies. It was "To Sir, With Love". Does anyone remember it? It was a very good movie with lots of lessons for life in it.

This evening it is raining. I put Slinky in the garage. That will work for tonight but it may rain in the morning and there is no dry place for him with the roof off the patio. Then Saturday we will be gone all day to Branson to see that production of "Noah". I called Vincent this evening and asked him if he was sure the roof would be on tomorrow. He said "if the roofing came in". I told him about my dilemma with Slinky out in the rain with no shelter at all. He said he would bring a tarp over and cover the patio for the dog if the roofing didn't come in. We'll see. I am certainly tired of this run around.

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