Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday and Still No Roof

This is Tuesday and I just got home from work. I still have no roofer here to put the roof over the patio. This is really aggravating!

I had about 45 minutes worth of work to do today at work. Another boring day.

I don't have a plan for today. I should do some house cleaning or at least run the sweeper so that may be my plan for today. Cyndi will come by later on this afternoon and pick up my church VISA card to put on the van for Saturday. She will call first and see if I'm home.

Tomorrow after work, I have to check in at the hospital as chaplain. They will call me the next week if someone needs to see a chaplain. My term lasts until next Tuesday evening.

More later....

I got some housework done so the afternoon was not a complete waste of time. Also, My brother-in-law came by at noon to talk to me about my sister. We went to lunch.

Missy got sick this afternoon and threw up on the rug in the dining room twice. I quickly picked her up and put her out. Then I cleaned up the rug. It looked like her cat food so I don't know what got into her unless she had a hairball.

Another mystery..

I am angry with Inky. This morning he climbed my tree and jumped on the birdhouse that had my little wrens living in it. I was watching them feed their little ones the past two weeks. When the birdhouse fell, it broke into pieces and the two little baby birds fell on the ground. before I could do anything, Inky had them and killed them and then wanted to play with their bodies. I got a paper towel and picked them up and put them in the trash can. I was furious! The mother birds was devastated! She scolded him for an hour and acted like she was frantic. The mockingbirds dive bombed him too. I am too angry with him to give him any attention today. I know they are only doing what is natural for them. But when you like to watch birds, you have no business with cats.

I went out after the sun went down a bit and started cleaning out my flowerbed in the back. I didn't get it done but I got a start on it anyhow.

I am looking at John Huntsman for president. He is fluent in two dialects of Chinese. He has worked for both Republican and Democrat presidents. He was a very good governor of Utah. He refuses to bad mouth the president or any other Republican candidate. He says he respects them all...and the president. That's refreshing...

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