Monday, August 1, 2011

Busy Monday

I did my usual chores this morning except I didn't have to water much. We had that inch of rain yesterday morning and the ground is still damp from that. I took Slinky for his morning walk...and once again, he only wanted to go four blocks. That's fine. I let him dictate the length of the walk.

I swept off my front walk and driveway and noticed that weeds and Bermuda grass had about taken over my front flowerbed. So while it was only 7:00 AM, I decided to tackle it. It took me an hour and fifteen minutes and when I finished I was soaked with sweat. I put an entire trash bag of grass and weeds in the trash. Thank goodness the trash people come today. But the bed looks pretty good now. All I have planted in there is my creeping phlox but it was about to get choked out altogether. In the spring it always looks lovely around the front of my house. I will be so glad when fall comes. And we still have August to go. I want to get the patio cement floor painted, paint the trim on my house and paint the privacy fence in back. I can only do that in the fall or spring.

Later this morning I want to go visit Phyllis. I'll go about 10:00 because Bob goes at 11:00. I'll try to visit Gerry after I leave Phyllis.

I want to do some more cleaning today too. Undoubtedly I will be stuck in the house with Slinky in the kitchen this afternoon so I will clean then. I did the laminated floors yesterday afternoon but the carpets need to be swept and I need to do some more dusting too. If I get all that done, I may work on Scott and Becky's scrapbook.

It will be a busy day off if I get all that finished.

Perhaps more later....

I didn't get to see Phyllis. I called Blake's to see if they did windshield repair and he wanted to see the chip. So it was about twenty till 10:00 and I figured I would run out there first. He said it could be done for $70.00 and since I didn't want to lose the windshield, I stayed the hour it took to do it. I missed getting to see Phyllis. I'll go see her tomorrow.

When I got home it was 100 degrees out there and Slinky was miserable. So I let him in the kitchen. He panted something terrible for awhile and when he cooled down a bit he drank a lot of water. He is now napping on the cool kitchen floor.

My daughter sent me the latest update from Harvard Medical School on the development of new guidelines for Alzheimer's Disease. I printed it off to read and then have saved the article for my brother-in-law. I called and told him I had it. When and if he gets out this afternoon, he will come by and pick it up.

I will finish this up later. I will wait until 8:00 this evening to mow. After the sun goes down it is better (if not cooler). It's 5:00 PM and 108 degrees. I went ahead and mowed at 5:00. It didn't look like it was going to get any cooler right away. It's done and I am sweaty and hot. I will take a bath here in a few minutes.

I'll trim in the morning. It's only about 82 degrees in the mornings.

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