Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Bigger Day

Today will be a bigger day. Yesterday besides making my cakes, I read the manual for board members of the library. I was supposed to get it read before tonight's meeting at 5:00. It was a challenge but since I had nothing much else going, I got it finished. I have some ideas. I may not share them tonight...my first meeting...but I will in future meetings.

This library doesn't get enough publicity. They need to make up a nice brochure, listing all their services and get a booth in the Home Show in the spring and hand them out, along with bookmarks or something. I had no idea what all they offered. I would be happy to man the booth. I did that two years in a row for MC3. That got the word out.

They could also have the Good News carry a column for Jennifer to write weekly. I believe she has one in the Journal occasionally but the circulation of the Journal is terrible. The Good News is free and many people read it. It's thrown to 36,000 homes. Even if half of them are left on the drive or thrown in the trash, that's still 18,000 homes that read it.

That's just a couple of ideas.

So Bob Avery and I will take the cakes to Independence this morning, possibly stay for lunch with Leslie and then tonight I have that board meeting. I already have four of the five cakes I take. Karan is supposed to bring me hers later this morning.

It rained all afternoon yesterday and all night too. We needed the rain terribly. I think it's also supposed to rain today. Slinky and Missy slept out on the patio last night. It was only 60 degrees. They are both in the kitchen this morning. I am still cleaning Slinky's ears with olive oil in hopes of smothering the ear mites. He's pretty good about letting me do that. I don't think he has ear mites now because he's no longer shaking his head but he still digs his ears and licks his paw afterward. I think that's habit.


Betty said...

Sounds like Slinky likes Olive Oil.

It rained here, too. I'm wondering if it's ever going to get cold and stay that way for a while.

Margie's Musings said...

It rained again last night here too, Betty. But we need the rain so I won't complain. Thanks for dropping by.

Margie's Musings said...
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