Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Again

I had breakfast this morning with my brother-in-law again. It's becoming a Saturday tradition. As soon as I get my pie out of the oven I will go visit my sister. The pie is for our holiday dinner at church tomorrow.

My brother-in-law has gone to a neighborhood open house at Jack and Marilyn's. He is to call when he gets back from that and we will go to Joplin to look for an appropriate book for my great granddaughter and a gift for my sister. That's all I need to complete my Christmas shopping.

I went to see Phyllis but she was sleeping and did not wake up. Then I went to see Gerry. I visited with her about 20 minutes.

More later...

Around mid day, Bob A. came by and we went to Joplin to try to find a book for my great granddaughter, Sage. We shopped a huge bookstore just outside the mall area. I found just waht I was looking for and bought two. I will get them in the mail tomorrow. Leslie found the address I needed.

Bob and I then went over to the mall where he found a sweater and bought it and I got three special Christmas cards for my kids. I will get them in the mail too. Later we stopped mid afternoon and ate at the Olive Garden. It was a pretty day and we enjoyed getting out of town. We got home after 5:00 and he dropped me off so I could feed my animals, take a hot bath and watch TV. I kept falling asleep in the recliner so finally just went on to bed.

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