Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday At Last

Another Friday! I'll work this morning and then come home. I have no idea when Becky and Scott will get here but there's always something to do here. I need to do some cleaning and also some laundry. In fact, I just started the laundry. I may as well do that while I keep Slinky company.

Speaking of Slinky, he only woke me once last 12:30. That was great. Unfortunately, my mind would not get back to sleep. After an hour of just lying there, I got up and took a sleeping pill. I do have to work this morning. All I could think of, (and couldn't shut down my mind) was all the "stuff" that still needs to be confirmed about the class reunion before I can send out the letter announcing it and asking for reservations. I need to know if the restaurant can accomodate an extra hundred people that Friday evening. I also need the list of classmates from the class of '52 if they're going to come too. So I need to contact their class locater. I need to see if John actually reserved the stadium room. We will need to repay his $300, if so. I will need to get Martha to give him $300 out of the class funds to repay him. I bought the stamps and got the letter of announcement ready to go out but before I actually send it out, I want to be sure all the i's are dotted and all the t's are crossed.

I went on to Independence to get my hair done. I forgot to eat until 3:30 when I warmed up the rest of the Mexican food from Monday evening.

I watched TV for awhile and about 9:00, I went to bed.

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