Friday, April 6, 2012

Big Day!

I was going to clean house today but instead I decided to put together my new pressure washer and try to clean off the patio floor. It was easier then I thought. I have put it off for two weeks because I thought the instructions were Greek. It works great! I cleaned off the patio floor and will do it again later when I have all day to do it because after it dries the next time, I want to paint it with concrete paint and hope it sticks.

I got sidetracked so I didn't get it painted today but that's o,k. there's plenty of time. At least I got the patio cleaned up. I cleaned up the chairs too and noticed the cats have been sleeping in them and they are full of cat hair so I got my rollers out and cleaned them up and then put some old towels in them to protect them. I went back out there a while ago and Missy was up in one of them enjoying the towels.

The photo above is the photo I took of her there.

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