Monday, May 7, 2012

Half Day Tuesday

Today I will leave early morning for Independence and my mission of finding a specific grave at the cemetery. That may take some time. I also need to stop by a store there and get some moisture emulsion to use under my makeup. I might go to Wal mart there too. I need some Clean and Clear, the face wash I use to clean my face in the shower.

If I can find that grave, I will take a photo of it for my classmate.

Then at 10:30, I will get my color and cut done. I will go to work at 1:00.

Tonight I have library board and library foundation meetings after work at 5:00.

More later about my success with the grave location.....

The grave did not exist. The grandfather was not buried there at all. I took photos of the four who were buried there and that was good. My classmate decided I had botched the assignment. I saw the records and saw the grave plot where other relatives were buried so I took photos of those.

After work, I went to the board meeting and then to the foundation meeting too. There were not enough there at the foundation meeting for a quorum. So there was no meeting for the foundation. I came home and wrote the minutes for the board meeting.


marlu said...

That was kind of you to look for the grandfather's grave. Hope the person was grateful for the other four photos!

You do so many kind things for others, Margie.

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Marlu. My friends have been so good to me. I always want to try to reciprocate.

Unfortunately that friend was just sure I was wrong...even after I sent the photos I took.