Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Again

I went in to work today. I filed for a couple of hours and then spent the rest of the day removing staples from old files so they can be microfilmed before they are destroyed. I finished those two shelves today.

Tomorrow I will take the morning off. I promised an old classmate I would try to find his grandfather's grave and take a photo of the headstone. He is writing a book about his family. Then I want to get my hair done and cut. I will go into work at 1:00 and make up the time by working until 5:00.

I am so glad Bobby got my lawn mowed on Saturday. It rained this morning and I would not have been able to do it tonight. It's too wet. I made peanut clusters and took him a batch to church on Sunday. Then I felt a lot better about his working on my mower and mowing for me. I will not mow again until next Monday. The afternoon was lovely.

This evening I noticed I had about a dozen peanut clusters left that I could not get into Bobby's container so I divided them into two containers and took one of them over to my brother-in-law and will take the other to Carol for re-combing my hair last week. My brother-in-law helped me clean the church on Saturday.

I went to the market and bought the pans and cake mixes and icings and eggs for the cakes next Tuesday. I will need to take mine to Bob on Monday evening because I will be leaving before eight to pick up Juanita for our trip to Wichita. He is going to take them to Independence while I am gone to Wichita.

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