Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Half Day Tuesday

Yesterday I had plenty to keep me busy at work. That was good. The time flew. Today I will go to Independence and then go to eat a mini pizza at Big Cheese. Bob is going to go with me. He too loves Big Cheese pizzas.

Last night I worked on my sermon for August 5th. I have it pretty well finished now but it is still in draft form.

The shredders still have not come. My supervisor's supervisor will be back from her mini vacation today and perhaps we will learn more about what happened to their schedule.

Scott is back in Germany and is attempting to get his orders for Hawaii rescinded so he can retire next year. He should know this week if that is possible.

Keith called last night and we had a good visit. The boys stay in touch very well. Leslie and John are still on their vacation.

More later....

Bob and I went to Independence for my hair appointment and afterward we went to eat at Big Cheese. Then we went back to the cemetery to see if they had got the headstone carved with the date of Phyllis' death. They hadn't. Bob was going to call and see what was holding them up.

Keith called again this morning. We had a nice visit. Scott also called. There is a chance he will get Fort Riley, Kansas if he can cancel Hawaii. That would be wonderful!

I worked this afternoon and again, they kept me busy. I got home from work about 5:15.

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