Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another Hot Sunday

This is going to be another scorcher of a day. It's only 71 right now but it will get hotter...much the day proceeds. It's supposed to get up to 100 degrees today....again.

Bobby and Karan dropped by last night to bring me their snacks for the backpacks we are filling at church. They stayed awhile. When they left I picked up my cellphone but then I noticed it was just a little different. It was Bobby's. He had picked up mine from the end table (they are very similar) and his had fallen out of his pocket into the recliner.

We will have an even a smaller congregation this morning. John and Leslie are on vacation, John and Sue have company, Bobby and Karan are staying at Trinity to attend Howard and Judy's 50th wedding anniversary reception. It is to be held at 10:40....just before our church services start at 11:00. So the congregation will be even smaller. Melissa is speaking this morning and I am presiding.

Anyhow, to continue my story about the cellphones...I called my cellphone and startled Bobby. He answered it and said it had had a strange ring. I told him that was because he had mine and he had left his. I told him I would bring his right over. I dropped by and they invited me to stay and have ice cream sundaes with them. So I stayed until 10:00 and visited some more. We had quite a visit.

I need to remind the congregation that we need to start buying our school supplies. School here will be starting in late August. We buy school supplies for children whose parents don't have the funds to buy their children school supplies. We take them to the Caney school. They have no one to help their children with school supplies. The schools in Independence and Coffeyville have several organizations that help them. The lists should be out soon at Wal Mart.


Balisha said...

We do the same at our Church. School supplies have gone up in price. Families with many children have a hard time this time of year. The book fees and other fees are so expensive.
Sounds like you had a full day.
Keep cool..we are to get to 102 tomorrow. Whew!

Margie's Musings said...

I did, Balisha. It was quite a day!

We had 102 degrees today. Unbelievable.