Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cool Wednesday

The weather has definitely cooled down. It is in the 60's this morning.

After work yesterday I came home and warmed up the leftovers I had from Sunday's Mexican food. It was good but not quite enough. I had an e-mail from Adrian at the library that the DVD I had ordered "Dead Poet's Society" was in so I drove back into town and picked it up. Then I phoned Bob to see if he would like to drop by Brahms and get an ice cream cone. He was willing so I picked him up. We visited while we ate and afterward I took him home.

Then I came back home to work on reading my John Whitmer Historical Association journal. There is some really fascinating information in this issue.

Tonight is the first debate between the presidential candidates. I will watch it simply because I want to see how well Romney does.

The seller of that DVD would not let me return it and would not refund my money. He said he clearly said on the Amazon website that it was a "region 2" DVD, whatever that is. I looked but could find no mention of such information. So, I am stuck with it and I can't play it.

More later....

I watched the debates tonight and I think Romney was a clear winner. The president looked very tired and kept saying uh...uh...uh. Still no specifics from Romney through.


Balisha said...

We had that happen with a music DVD. Here we were with a DVD that we couldn't play.
I'll watch tonight too. I hope that the debates reveal the "real men"

Betty said...

Advertise the DVD on eBay. Maybe someone can use it. :)

Margie's Musings said...

I can always advertise it on Craig's List too but I think I'll just throw it away. No one from Europe is going to want it and postage would cost more then it's worth.

I think Romney won tonight's debate.

marlu said...

He certainly had more energy but I'm hearing he has moved away from the right toward the center and there were many statements he made that weren't exactly factual.
I was sorry the President did not challenge him more.
I like Jim Lehrer but he didn't do a very good job of control tonight.

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