Monday, October 8, 2012

Holiday Monday

Today is Columbus Day and we are closed at the office. I don't know what I will do today..possibly nothing since tomorrow will be a huge day. Tomorrow at 10:00 I have a hair appointment and Bob will get a haircut at the same time. Then we will eat at Big Cheese. After that, I will go to work. After work, I have library board meeting at 5:00 and foundation meeting at 6:00. Immediately following that, I have the political forum at the Senior Center and I am in charge.

I will take my questions and urge others to ask theirs. These two men are running for State Representative. I want to find out what they think of Governor Brownback's eliminating the state food sales tax from low income citizen's tax refund. I also want to know if he plans to also do away with the homestead exemption. This is a Republican state and he appears to be poised to balance the state's budget by cutting social programs for the poor. I hope others have questions as well.

I see that Romney has now pulled up even with the president in the polls. That's scarey. He is working in Florida this week and if he wins Florida, he may be able to win the White House. Shades of George W. Bush and eight years of hell! We wouldn't be in this mess if he and Cheney hadn't allowed the elimination of the regulations on the banks. I actually believe Cheney ran most of the White House decisions. He made himself the vice-presidential candidate because he knew full well he could never have been elected to the White House and as a career politician, he knew exactly what he wanted to do to the country. Those terrible failed Bush/Cheney policies put us in this predicament. Two unnecessary and unfunded wars and an unfunded prescription drug plan and tax cuts for the wealthy finished the job on the country.

Back to today... I have made chili for our lunch/dinner. I made it Saturday evening and so all I have to do is warm it up. I hope it's good. The beans I used in it came from the ham and beans I had frozen a couple of weeks ago. I usually use canned pinto beans so I am not sure about the chili until I eat it.

More later...

The chili was good. After lunch/dinner I divided up the leftover chili and put it in the frig. Bob and I drove over to Sedan to see what was going on there. That town like all small towns, is drying up too. I was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the drive.

Then we came back here and he picked up his chili, freetoes and cheese and went home to take a nap. I read. I occasionally dozed off but primarily I read my kindle. Tonight I will just watch TV. Tomorrow will be plenty busy.

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