Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday At Last

This will be my last working day this week. I don't work on Fridays. I never finished all my work yesterday. Five o'clock came very quickly. I began by filing everything and then I scanned everything in the basket and began filing those documents too. I only got a few of the second batch filed and had to leave the rest until this afternoon.

There was a nice article in the County Chronicle about our political forum. Andy did a fine job reporting it. It will be interesting to see if either of the other newspapers will use the story. Andy took some photos but didn't use any of them. I heard nothing about it on the radio either and the station manager was there.

I will attend the support group that Bob attends with him today. It is in Independence at Big Cheese. I may get another mini-pizza for lunch.

Tonight is the Biden/Ryan debate. I hope Biden can recover some of the lost ground the president caused by his lack of performance. I will watch it.

Tomorrow I have an early hair appointment at 7:00. Then I will fix lunch/dinner for myself and Bob. Other then that, I have no plans for the day.

On the political front:

I wonder how conservative Republicans would feel if they knew about the esoteric beliefs of Mormons. For example: It is probable that Romney will have been taught to lie about his movement. You notice he says very little about his religion and it's belief system. This is because the culture of lying is deeply embedded in the Mormon church and forms a key component of the missionary training program that Romney will have attended at Brigham Young University.

Mormons are literally trained to hide key facts about their sect’s teaching and are taught a variety of techniques to obscure the truth about their more esoteric beliefs. If someone who is educated in Mormon history asks a missionary about the more bizarre tenants of their faith, they are taught to avoid answering the question directly but to deflect it onto something else. Do Americans want someone with this background to be their President?

For instance, they believe every Mormon man in good standing will become a god in the afterlife with his own planet. They still believe in polygamy but just can't practice it until the "kingdom" is established.

And I wonder if the poor are aware they also believe churches should care for the poor. They don't believe the government should be in the relief business.

Interested readers can find a synopsis of their beliefs here:

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