Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Went Wrong

I think Mitt Romney now knows his policies did not resound with Latinos, blacks, gays and women.

The modern world now realizes that gays are just one more orientation of sexuality that exists across all animal species lines.

And Mormons just in recent years have begun ordaining blacks after decades of explaining to their members that blacks made the wrong decisions in the forelife and were inferior.

His recorded fund raising event saying he was not concerned about the 47% of Americans that were going to vote for Obama because they were dependent upon government also went against him.

And the remark he made that the poor could always get free health care in the emergency room. Because I work at the district court house, even I know that hospitals and doctors sue the poor for payment of their emergency room fees and the only recourse the poor have after being turned over to a collection agency is to take medical bankruptcy.

His negative remarks about immigration and women's rights also helped defeat him. More women then men vote. He won the white men vote but lost the vote of many women, gays, blacks and Hispanics. And in another four years, the nation will be even less white.

The man was just too rich to even have a clue about the poor or the middle class. And let's admit it...most of us are either poor or middle class.

A president needs to represent all the people.

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