Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Again

It's Saturday again. Bob and I got in about 6:30 last night from Branson. We had a very good time. We were sitting in Panera Bread eating a cinnamon roll and having coffee when the John Denver Memorial star came in. He talked to Bob and discovered I had not seen his show. Bob had seen to twice with Phylis. He gave us four free passes to the show (Bobby and Karan were going with us) and we all attended it. It was very good and we really appreciated the free passes. We also saw the Andy Variety Show but even though it was quite expensive, we enjoyed the music of the second show best.

After I unpacked I took a bath and put my PJs on. I watched PBS about musicals and then went to bed. I was very tired and since Bob drove all the way back, I imagine he was too. We had breakfast at Eggberts this morning and he went on out to the market. I went over to the dollar store and bought enough "girl goodies" to pack another shoebox for the Samaritan Child project for Sunday.

I also went over to the post office and mailed off a package to Scott containing his mail. He needs to make out a change of address when he finally gets settled so his mail will come to him. This is the second package of mail I have mailed on to him.

I am going to bake the second small meatloaf and make some more fried potatoes for lunch today. We will have veggies and applesauce too. Then we will have some fruit for dessert.

I should mow today since it is supposed to rain tomorrow. Unfortunately, it's too windy.

About the election results:

There were three primary anti-Romney themes among the incessant Iowa ads, neither, in my view, particularly inaccurate:

1. Bain-style capitalism was a "different" form of business, a charge that even Newt Gingrich used frequently in his bid. And this is correct. Private equity is primarily aimed, not at "creating jobs," but at doing "tax arbitrage," to extract quick cash, and to try to make the company "efficient," usually by downsizing and/or outsourcing. Again, accurate. About half of the companies survive in this environment, while another half either fail or are unrecognizable in terms of where the employees are within five years.

2. That Romney had flipped on every major position, at least once: immigration, abortion, taxes, blind trusts (he earlier said they were all fake), health care, moderate-vs- conservative self-portrayal. Again, all accurate.

3. That Romney and Ryan were proposing a voucher-based Medicare system. Factually accurate.

One only had to replay his opponent's primary ads.

The anti-Obama ads basically said he was "un-American." Factually incorrect, unless I am also "un-American," and that he was looting Medicare, factually inaccurate.

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