Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Busier Week

The week has just become more complicated.

Last night one of our members called to say they wanted to use the church for the funeral of her son-in-law at 1:00 on Thursday afternoon. I certainly don't have a problem with that except for a couple of things.

First the young man's father is the retired minister of one of the community's largest Baptist churches. There may be a large crowd. Our church holds about 50. We are a small church whose world church encourages small congregations for community among the members. We have another 50 folding chairs we can set up in the aisles and the foyer with the foyer doors open. But any more than that, we cannot accommodate.

Second, the minister who will handle the service is from Pittsburg, Kansas, and is an Evangelist in our church. The person who will assist him is a woman Seventy in our church and is also from Pittsburg, Kansas. Pittsburg is about 60 miles east of Coffeyville. Because of the time of the services and the size of our congregation, the family does not want a dinner served.

I will need to take Thursday afternoon off to attend the service. That means I will need to work Thursday morning instead of Thursday afternoon.

I will be leaving about 9:00 this morning to take the six cakes I have here to the First Christian Church in Independence, Kansas. After I deliver the cakes, Bob and I will go to the beauty shop where I will have my hair done and he will get a haircut. Afterward, we will eat at Big Cheese.

This morning, before I leave, I will need to go to the market and get some stew meat and biscuits for tomorrow's lunch. I also want to get some sympathy cards.

Tonight I have library board meeting right after work.


Balisha said...

Have a wonderful day, my cake lady.

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks Balisha. You too!