Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Elections and Holiday Dinner

Today will be our elections at church. We will also have a service although I'm not sure what sort. The woman who was to speak lost her son-in-law yesterday morning and she wants my daughter, who has the power point projector, to come up with a video to show. I called and her husband told me she had downloaded a sermon from the president of our church from our church's website. I might have known she would have it covered.

We also have planned to have our church's holiday dinner this noon. I have my salad and sweet potatoes finished and ready to go when Bob comes by to pick me up.

We are told we may have the funeral at our church and I don't yet know when or who is to do the services. It may be me. If it is, I have the service roughed out already. I will need to talk to the widow and his parents for details. The short obit was in today's paper. We may need to have a funeral dinner for the family too. I will know more later this morning.

I spent the afternoon working on the congregational newsletters. Then I read the rest of my kindle book. It is "Killing Kennedy" and my friend Bill sent it to my kindle for my birthday.

Now I finished the book and am watching the news on TV.

Three younger woman were elected pastor for the new year. I will serve until January 1st. At 77, it is time for me to step down. I will still do home visiting and hospital visiting for the congregation.

In a little while Bob will come over to spend the evening. He comes some time before six. He gets lonely now that Phyllis is gone. Evenings are worse for him.

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