Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday At Last

What a wild week last week was. Just about everything that could have gone wrong with the proposed closing..did. I am ready for a new week. Today, my friend, Bill, is coming down from Independence about 10:30 or so to see the apartment and we will later go to lunch. He is the one who hung my blinds. On moving day he called and was willing to come down and help. Of course, I had hired a mover so I thanked him but did not ask him to come down.

Tomorrow I will go get my hair done in Independence and then I have a doctor's appointment with Dr. Eslicker in Bartlesville at 1:10. Hopefully, he can do something about the cellulitis. I am so tired of dealing with it.

Wednesday I have a PINCH meeting at 5:30 at the Presbyterian Church. That's all for this week. I am ready for a quiet week. In fact, I may go to exercise class this morning. Two of my new neighbors go there. Bob also attends if he has time. Right now he is packing to move as soon as he can. So I don't know if he will attend or not.

This little house is the one Bob rented to move into after his closing. It's right across the street from the fourplex.

More later... See that car in Bob's drive? He has sold it to his daughter whose car blew the motor over the weekend. Then he brought a beautiful 2007 Camry. It's the fanciest model Camry they make with Bluetooth and everything. Now the daughter has reliable transportation which takes a load off his mind.

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