Monday, March 11, 2013

What A Day!

What a day this has been. I did a lot of work but to little avail. I tried to put up the bamboo blind I bought at Lowes. It is a cheap thing and looks cheap. Furthermore, it is broken. When I unwrapped it, it was all wound up in the cord. I patiently sat down and unwrapped the cord. I got it hung and then noticed that one of the cords was broken and I could never figure out how the cord went to roll up the blind. I am going to take it down and return it. It looks like something from a dime store anyhow.

I will reorder one from Penney's.

I moved a lot of stuff and got a lot done. I put away the pots and pans, the spices (above the microwave), and called the Reporter to change the address for my paper. I took the flat hose over there and swept off the carport with my broom. I also took the rake over and put it in Bob's shed. I need to take the air compressor and the power washer over there too but want him to get a padlock first. I took the Bose music system over and put in on the cabinet until they get the wall unit into the dining room. I took the Christmas cactus over there and the plant stand too.

I got another key to the house made for the back door. Actually I got two made but the one for the doorknob never worked. I tried three times. I finally gave up and got a refund. I made a deposit with Cyndi's money and scheduled another house payment. I took the daybed quilts, cover and sheets off and boxed them up. I moved the rest of my clothing to the closet in the apartment.

I still have to take the computer apart, the modem and the router and also the TV and the TV 's VCR and DVD player. I will need to return the box tom Cox in the next five days.


Balisha said...

good night Margie...Have a good day tomorrow.

Margie's Musings said...

It was an exhausting day, Balisha. But my daughter helped me as she could and got my computer back you can see.

Missy was traumatized but seems to be doing better now.