Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Again and a Sermon

Today is Sunday. I got all I wanted to get done yesterday and then some. I have made up my boxes for the last remaining stuff and will pack those early Tuesday morning before the mover gets here. I want to take my silk lamp shades and the globes for those lamps in my car in the back seat. I don't want to have to replace those silk lamp shades again. I will also take my desktop computer in the front seat of my car. I will take it down Monday evening and put it in the car. Maybe Leslie can help me get it all together again. If not, maybe I can get Bill to come down again. Or there is always the possibility that I can get it set up myself again.

I had forgotten to set my clock up last night when I went to bed. But evidently my internal clack realized that and I awoke at 4:02...which is now 5:02 so I was up and around anyhow and set the clock up this morning.

When I get to church I will run the bulletins. I put it together for Bob yesterday morning before I left for Bartlesville. I also had a chance to run through my sermon yesterday. I hope it works out alright.

We will eat out as usual after church and then go over to the apartment and John will get that microwave oven up over the range. Jeff and Cyndi will bring the glass top range. Then they will all come over here and John will start cleaning out that garage and shed. I will put my old jeans on again and help as much as possible.

Then Monday (tomorrow) will just be the last minute stuff. I want to get that bamboo blind up if at all possible. As soon as the mover gets the furniture in, I will start unpacking boxes.

Bob is having his house listed tomorrow. Carla is going to list it. I will take my empty boxes over across the street as I empty them and leave them stacked at his house and he can use them to start packing his stuff. I have a key to his house.

I do need to notify the Reporter of my address change or I won't get a newspaper. I have put together the boxes for the last minute packing and put them in the rooms where they will be packed.

More later...if I have time.

John got my microwave in and Jeff and Cyndi brought over the new range. Everything is lovely! I can hardly wait to get moved. Then I can get everything unpacked and in place. It will take me awhile since I'm doing it by myself. Cyndi and Jeff bought a lot of stuff and Cyndi paid me for it right off.

Then they came over and loaded up everything in the garage and shed and took it home to put in the cargo trailer. In May I will have a yard sale or we will have a congregational yard sale at church. Whichever...will work. I just know I have to get rid of a lot more stuff. -

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