Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Busy Wednesday

I am going to be pretty busy today. I will go to exercise class at 9:00 and then home to warm up the hamburger pie for lunch. I did get my potato salad fixed early this morning. It is in the frig and will sit overnight until time for the cookout at John and Leslie's tomorrow evening. It should be good by then.

I got another good night's sleep last night. I think the arm pain is on the mend, At least I hope so. Missy also seems better. She is no longer choking. I will be leaving her on Saturday to go to camp. Luckily Bob will be here just across the street to feed her and take care of her.

More later...I need to water my flowers before I leave.

I returned from exercise class and boxed up the family documents my son wanted. My next project is to box up the photos I promised me niece. I will get them off to her soon. I will need to get her mailing address first.

I'm not sure it is on my Christmas card list but I will check.

I think I will go play Bingo this afternoon at the senior center. That might be something fun to do.

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