Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rainy Tuesday

It's raining again. This has been the strangest summer ever. It's been in the 70's and 80's for quite awhile...since camp....and we've had a lot of rain...very unlike a Kansas summer. I have a hair appointment at 10:00 and my hair really needs it.

Today, I think we will have smothered steak for lunch/dinner. I am out of potatoes except for some tater tots I bought for a casserole awhile back. We may have those if I don't get to the market. We will have cottage cheese and applesauce and a veggie too. We may have some more fruit for dessert.

Until Thursday when we go out to church to pack our backpacks, I have nothing on the calendar but my hair appointments until Friday evening when we start our fun night at church for children. I hope that works out. Melissa only put an ad in the County Chronicle. We only have Mary Beth and the Brooks girls in the congregation. Any other children will have to come by invitation or from the neighborhood. Nothing will be wasted though. Any backpacks and school supplies left over will go to the Caney elementary school where we always provide them.

More later...

I didn't do a whole lot after lunch. I did take a nap. Then I stayed up until 10:00 to watch a PBS Frontline documentary on assisted living homes. Very depressing!

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