Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rainy Saturday Too

Another rainy day. But it has stopped temporarily at least. I received the first of the Back Pack Fun Day photos and will post it in this blog today. My daughter will finish sending them to me when she finishes cleaning house this morning.

Bob and I went to breakfast early this morning after the rain let up. I am baking cookies right now and taking care of sending our story to the local papers and our church magazine.

Here is the group of workers as well as the children. My daughter, Leslie, is not in the photo. She took the picture.

Me with butterfly painted on my cheek.

Skyler with Angry Bird painted on his cheek.

Krista with heart painted on her cheek.

Delila with butterfly and flower painted on her cheek.

Saeble with Missy Kitty painted on her cheek.

Laci with butterfly and flower painted on her cheek.

Rachel with heart painted on her cheek.

The children loved face painting. Soon most all of them had some painting either on their faces or the back of their hands. Karan is a real artist and can draw about anything.

This is Johnna helping with a pipe cleaner project.

It was a fun evening but really exhausting. I decided such activities were for the younger group of members. Melissa came up with the idea and spearheaded it. Cyndi brought five children and Leeann brought five...four of them her own.

This is Melissa giving instructions to one of the children.

We have three pastors at our congregation at church. Melissa is the one listed but Johnna and Leslie are also co- pastors. All three have really demanding jobs. So it takes all three. In our church, pastors are self sustaining.


Balisha said...

I enjoyed reading about your day...I love your hair.

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Balisha. But I don't like the waviness in the day of straight hair....especially the bangs.

Yes, we did have a good time. And the children were well behaved.