Friday, September 13, 2013

Another Nice Friday

This is to be another nice day. I will leave in a little while to go to Independence for my hair appointment. It's at 7:00 on Fridays. Then I will come back and we will go to exercise class. After that, we may go to Utopia, the coffee shop for coffee. Then I will come home and warm up the tuna casserole for lunch. I don't know about the afternoon. Since I got up this morning about 4:45, I may take a nap but I'd like to go to Bartlesville. I need makeup again and the store in Independence doesn't open until 10:00 so I can't get it there. The one in Bartlesville would be open by the time we got there.

I wonder if we are going to avoid war. It strikes me as odd that the president was the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and yet he is all ready to bomb Syria. He is a paradox. I think he needs to listen to the Russians, much as that galls him. They do have a relationship with the Muslim countries. We do not. We have done way too much damage to them over the years. They hate us...not because we are Americans or even because we are mostly Christians (certainly not because of our "freedom" as Bush always contended) but because of our political moves against them over the years. An air strike of any kind would result in "collateral damage", which is just a pretty way of saying killing women and children. Our complaint against Syria is that they killed woman and children. Go figure. After all, they are just as dead whether they die of gas poisoning or from being bombed.

Worse of all, an air strike would probably result in "unexpected consequences" .....perhaps even another horrific strike against our homeland. He needs to consider those things. Every move against them we have made in the past has resulted in some kind of unexpected consequences, like violence against our embassies and even the Cole catastrophe.

More later...

I did get my hair done and then went out to Wal Mart to get some covered hangers for my clothing. I have been buying four packages every time I go to a Wal mart store. They are those "suit" hangers they carry. When I got back home I went out to South Coffeyville where I can get gas ten cents cheaper per gallon and bought Bob enough gas to fill up his tank. I have been using his gas all week.

Then we went to exercise class and on to Utopia for coffee and a treat.

After that, I came on back home and began working again on my sermon for the last Sunday of the month. In a little while Bob came over with his salad. I had lost track of time and didn't have our dinner ready so I got right up and got with it. We finished and we visited awhile before he went on back home for a nap.

I have been going through the photos on my flash drives to find Ashley's senior photos. She lost hers when she left them with a modeling agency in California. I had scanned them before I gave them to her just in case something like that happened. I found them on one of the older flash drives so I e-mailed them to her. I also asked Scott if he wants them too but I haven't heard back from him.

These photos are Ashley's senior photos,

This one is her with her dad.

As you can see, some of them are pretty classy glamour shots.