Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cake Tuesday

Today is the day I take our cakes to Independence for the dinner tonight at the First Christian Church there. I will also get my hair done. It is a mess. I helped John and Leslie clean up the mess from trimming the hedge at church on Sunday. I sweated and my hair was damp. That always does it. It curls up and flips up where I don't want it to curl. Oh well, I have it done a couple of times a week so what the heck.

I will meet Leslie for lunch today. We have decided if she can get away on Tuesdays we will meet for lunch. I have Bob's car today so he will have to stay home until I get back.

I tried to put my contact in my right eye this morning because the eye seemed comfortable. After about five minutes or even less, the eye objected so I took it back out and I'm back to glasses again. I guess it may take an entire week for the eye to recover from that chemical burn. It's still a little red.

I need to go to the bank while I'm in Independence this morning and also get the water bottles for the church water cooler. They are working on Tenth Street Road again so for a mile I will have to drive on a country gravel road. It will be detoured for a week. I hope that's all. I hate to drive on gravel roads. There's always the chance of a dear being out there.

More later...

I did have lunch with Leslie today and later after I got home and returned Bob's car, I walked down to the dollar store and found just what I wanted for John's birthday on Saturday.

Bob came over after 4:00 and suggested we go down to Sirloin Stockade and have a 6 oz. sirloin. That's what we did. I had a mini pizza for lunch. It didn't stay with me all afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Don't even try to put in a contact for at least a week after a burn, even if it looks okay (its not). I would say sense you tried to put it in again today wait about a week and a few more days after that. It has to heal completely or your vision could become worse, than a patch will have to be worn to protect your eye.

Margie's Musings said...

That's true, Christina. I would have contacted my eye doctor except that his mother died last weekend and he is closed now.