Monday, October 28, 2013

Busy Monday

This should be a busy Monday. I have already mixed up my meatloaf for lunch/dinner and will cook it in the microwave around 11:30. I will fry up some boiled potatoes and put some veggies in the microwave. Bob will bring the salad. I still have to fix something...probably pudding...for dessert.

Then this afternoon Bob and I will transfer the contents of the shed over across the street to the storage for his apartment two doors down from me. I want to get a head start on the move if I'm going to help. They are laying new carpet in there this week and also vinyl for the kitchen and bathroom. Then they will move the stove from the house he has now across the street into the apartment. His apartment also has a green sink like mine. But it also had a harvest gold stove. He did not want that in there so Mr. Bishop has agreed to move the white one over. The landlord will also put some mini blinds in the living room. Connie had a TV in every room and she ran the cords along the baseboards so we want them to remove those and Bob will just use the outlet in the living room for his TV. That will be a nice apartment for him for the rest of his life. It's smaller then mine but he doesn't need as much room. It is well insulated. He is buying a small Chromecraft dinette for the dining area. He will use the back bedroom for his personal bedroom and the front one for his guest bedroom and his computer desk. The rooms are a pretty good size for a small apartment.

The Cox people are coming tonight to see why my TV picture freezes and tears in the evening. Wouldn't you didn't do it Saturday evening or last night. It had been doing it for a couple of weeks and I finally called them and am having them check it out. At lunch yesterday both Phyllis and Bobby and Karan said theirs did the same thing. Under those circumstances, it's got to be on Cox and not my TV.

More later...

This afternoon after lunch/dinner and Bob's nap, we moved almost everything from his shed to his new storage unit at the apartment here. We got nearly everything in it and he will have even more room when he gets rid of a bunch of stuff at the sale at the senior center this Saturday. At least he thinks it's this Saturday. I had room for the electric pressure washer in my dining room closet. I went to the hardware store this afternoon and bought some chains for the closet light fixtures. They don't have wall switches... they have chains. I need one more but they are out of the ones I'm using and I will have to go back in a couple of weeks after the truck comes in and get one more. We will begin moving him in as soon as Mr. Grimmet gets the carpet laid and the new vinyl flooring. And Mr. Bishop, our landlord, is going to have the apartment cleaned too. Then I will start helping Bob move.