Monday, November 18, 2013

Exercise Monday

I guess I'll go on to exercise class this morning. Both my arms hurt some last night but whether I exercise or not doesn't seem to matter. I took an Aleve but it didn't seem to have an effect of the arms hurting. Getting old is not for sissies.

I will fix swiss steak this noon for lunch and we will have some frozen fruit for dessert. I will fix some more potatoes and veggies and Bob will bring a salad. Tomorrow we go to Independence to get our hair cut and will eat at Big Cheese.

Wednesday we will go to Kansas City for a dinner theater bus trip. I am looking forward to that.

I'll worry about Thursday and Friday's lunch later in the week. It will probably be a casserole.

I have been pretty apprehensive about my flight to Hawaii next week. There is so much brouhaha anymore with searches, x-rays and plastic bags for cosmetics and meds. Then there's also the $35.00 charge to check baggage. That means I am going to have to take some spending money. I don't know exactly how much I'll need. It seems I am going through my savings awfully fast what with the new car payment, Christmas and etc. I hope I don't outlive it.

Once , the last time I flew, when I got to Dallas, I disembarked at the far south gate and had to be at the far north gate in fifteen minutes. If you've ever been in the Dallas airport, you know what a problem that can be. I paid a tram guy to take me there fast but we got there just in time to see my plane take off. I was a couple of hours late getting into Tulsa and my brother-in-law , who was to pick me up didn't exactly know what to do. Luckily, he stuck around and found me. They would not tell him anything about what alternate flight I was on.

Then one time I was flying to Houston and they put us on a small commuter prop plane. They could not get the motor started so they switched us to another one. That one would not stay running so they switched us to a third. That one wouldn't start either so they gave us a ticket on Continental Airlines flight and I was over an hour late getting picked up at the airport in Houston. All this was before cell phones. I had to call my cousin on a pay phone at the airport. They had given up on me. So I am not looking forward to the long flight. It's twelve hours long and coming back it will even be nighttime.

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