Thursday, January 30, 2014

Disappointing Weather

I have planned for a month to attend the Restoration Studies Symposium at Independence, Missouri. Whomever planned the dates for this symposium wasn't thinking... that's for sure. We are forecast here for freezing drizzle tonight and even worse, Independence Missouri, is forecast a 90% chance of snow on Saturday.  It appears I will not get to go since I would be driving north into a  mess. I will just lose my $55 registration. How disappointing! Oh well, there's absolutely nothing I can do about the weather.

Bob and I planned to eat out today since I was leaving tomorrow after my hair appointment. Now I may not even have my hair appointment...depending on the weather here. Drat!

I will run my vacuum sweeper today. I have put it off this week thinking I would do it the day before I leave.

Well, that's a problem. My old vacuum sweeper quit working. I took it in to Liebert Brothers but this time it may be dead.

Here's Missy as she sleeps in her chair and  covers her eyes.

 She's such a funny kitty!

Bob and I went out to El Pueblito for lunch and he bought my lunch. He says I cook for him all the time so he wanted to buy my lunch. That was awfully nice of him. 

I will put some chicken strips out for tomorrow..

More later....


Balisha said...

It seems that Mother Nature is the boss this year......or should we blame Old Man Winter?

Margie's Musings said...

Let's blame old man winter!

marlu said...

Sorry you won't get to go to your "doins" Better safe than on a slick hiway. (See Atlanta!)

Margie's Musings said...

I hate it... but I think caution is the better past of valor.

Balisha said...

I have a new blog address....please come visit so I know it's working.