Sunday, February 2, 2014

Home Sunday Evening

You may have wondered what happened to me this weekend. Two of my friends from Kansas City contacted me and assured me that the weather would not be that bad. So after lunch on Friday, I packed hurriedly and took off for Kansas City. Things went pretty well the first hour and a half but then I encountered freezing mist. After fifty miles or so (and witnessing a half dozen major accidents), I pulled off the road and scraped the ice off my windshield. My windshield wipers were not able to handle the ice that formed. I also slowed down to 40 miles an hour. Another fifty miles passed (I was past the point of no return and had seen another three or four accidents), I pulled off again and scraped the windshield again.  What a mess! I finally got to Highway I-35 and was pleasantly surprised to find the drivers were actually being sane and polite.

Finally I reached Bypass 435 and started around Kansas City. Again, everyone seemed to be driving cautiously and allowing others to change lanes. Finally I got to US I-70  and was able to get on and off without incident. I reached Stoner's home and called Jo to find out which street it was. The landmark I had always used was gone. She directed me to the correct street and I finally arrived.  Reg went out and hung plastic over my windshield, catching it in the doors. The weather had suddenly changed that afternoon and we got a freezing mist.   I attended my evening meeting although I have to admit I got lost temporarily and had to stop at a convenience store to ask directions. This time I drove straight there. I was 15 minutes late for the first session but they had learned I was coming and had been worried when I hadn't shown up. Anyhow I got in on most of that lecture and cautiously drove back to Stoner's after the  reception.

The next morning,  I went out to find ice and snow all over the surface of my car. Under the snow there was a lot more ice. I scraped all my windows this time except the one in front with the plastic over it. It was fine. I gingerly made my way down to Truman Boulevard and to the Saturday meetings....this time in daylight. It cleared off during the day and the car windshield was clear after the afternoon meetings.

I encountered the girlfriend of an old friend at the meeting and she took me to her home for dinner so I could visit with Bruce. I avoided going back for the evening meeting. The topic was nothing I was interested in anyhow. Bruce took me back to my car after our visit and I drove back to Stoner's again.  This morning instead of going to the early worship, I started home. I had a great time but after the way that weather moved in, I decided not to risk the predicted Tuesday storm moving in early.  My car was covered in snow and ice (except for the windows) and looked like a strange sight to Kansas folks..

I called Leslie to tell her.  I asked her to call Bob. I took five hours to get there with all that weather but it only took me three and a half hours to get home. Some of the roads were still frozen and when I encountered them, I just slowed way down. I got back in time to go straight to church at my own congregation. After church, six of us ate at Great China in Independence (Kansas). As usual, it was very good.

That's my story...     



Betty said...

You're braver than I am. We were supposed to get a "dusting" of snow here, and so far the "dust" is about six inches deep, with more on the way Tuesday and again Friday.

Margie's Musings said...

It's probably not bravery. It's stupidity. :)

Balisha said...

Margie....I missed all this with my computer acting up. I'll bet you said a prayer or two while traveling. You were smart to head home. We're supposed to get some of that Tues. too.
Stay safe...Balisha